Bradford's Favorite Travel Photos
Photograph #3

Location:  Gunung Mulu National Park, Sarawak Province, Malaysian Borneo

Google Earth Coordinates:  

Date:  October 2004

Format and Resolution:  Digital (photo available in 1200 X 1600 resolution)

Photo Description:  Admiring The Pinnacles, an incredible razor-sharp limestone forest towering over 45 metres, half-way up the side of the limestone Gunung Api (Fire Mountain). The Pinnacles are remnants of limestone beds that have been dissected and dissolved by erosion and chemical weathering over millions of years. Be warned: the journey to the Pinnacle Summit is a tough and challenging one. The trail itself is very steep (near vertical in parts) and requires a certain level of fitness. The trail is only 2.4 km in length but rises over 1,200 metres. The trail passes through lowland dipterocarp forest before climbing steeply through moss forest, where everything is covered in slippery green moss. The last section of the trail is near vertical, with rope sections and 15 aluminium ladders strategically positioned to help with the climb. Orchids, rhododendrons and pitcher plants thrive in the area. Gunung Api was only conquered in 1978, which gives an indication of how tough the climb is. Today’s trekkers follow the same route discovered by these pioneers. It took my guide and I just over 5 hours to do the difficult climb and descent (but it may take up to 11 hours depending on your fitness level). It is a truly incredible place. To see more pictures from The Pinnacles and Sarawak Province, Malaysian Borneo click here.