Brad Duplisea
ExposÚs based on research by
Bradford Duplisea (2000-2003)


CBC Marketplace ExposÚ on GM Food / March 2002
Watch via Mobile  |  Download Transcript


THIS Magazine ExposÚ  
(June 2002)

Good PR is Growing  Scan Format


Should GM foods be labelled?  
Listen to the CBC Debate!
Canadian Broadcast Corporation / 2004


Royal Society of Canada Report on the Regulation of Genetically Modified food
Download the shocking letter to Health Canada
Royal Society Report & Summary | Media Coverage

Millions Spent on Biotech PR
Health advocates say funds should go to
testing, labelling GM foods

Ottawa Citizen

Unhealthy Relationship
Feds, Consumers' Association Help
Market GM Foods

The Hill Times / March 2003

Canadian Goverment in Conflict of Interest over GM Wheat Partnership with Monsanto
CBC TV Investigation | WATCH  | Radio Coverage
Canadian Broadcast Corporation / November 2003

CFIA secretly changed GE Wheat rules:
'Market Risk' Criteria Removed from Grain
Registration Process
 | Download ATI
Western Producer / April 2003

Lining up against GM wheat | Document
Saskatoon StarPhoenix / August 2003

Canadians call for Mandatory Labelling of Genetically Modified Foods

Lines are Fuzzy on GM Food
Montreal Gazette / April 2002

Cover for Corporate Interests
Montreal Gazette / March 2002

GM Food Meeting Left Bad Taste
Montreal Gazette / March 2002

Ottawa Promoting Safety of GMOs
Globe and Mail / February 2002

Federal Government's Pro-Biotech Bias is Most Evident at CFIA
The Hill Times / February 2002

Monsanto's Genetically Engineered 'Potatoes'
(1999 - 2002)

GM Process Lacking: Expert Panel
Western Producer / August 2001

Who can you Trust in the Debate over
Genetically Engineered Foods?

Montreal Gazette / July 2001


Health Canada Warnings Ignored
CBC TV Investigation   |  WATCH   |  Listen  |  Document
Canadian Broadcast Corporation / July 2003

Ignore modern-day prophets at peril of people and economy
Mad cow scare a lesson for industry
Business Edge / June 2003

Mad Cow Threat Underrated
National Post & Calgary Herald / August 2003

How Now, Mad Cow ?
Calgary Herald / May 26, 2003


Pesticides Foul Air in P.E.I.
Toronto Star / September 2001

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